The landscape and skyline of the real estate industry is incomplete without the mention of the name Something Ain’t Right.

We are in the realty world for the long term  and we intend to leave an indelible mark of satisfaction in the lives of of all our customers in the industry.

We offer realty excellent solutions that encompass  corporate and personal customer in  a way that reflects distinction and excellence, customized to suit and meet real needs in the lives of thousands.

It is because of this that we are the household name  to mention and trust as far as real estate matters are concerned.

Our dedication is to deliver customer-focused services that are marked by higher standards of professional ethics and innovation. This is what we stand for and that remains our commitment to all our customers.

To have a clear picture of how we achieve all this, go on to the next section that outlines the scope of our activities in the real estate industry.


Estate management

Something Ain’t Right engages in professional estate management of every kind of residential property in every region we do business in. We are endowed with a deep mine of experience and expertise in dealing with every kind of tenant and landlord matters and issues. The scope of our engagement scope covers conventional and super modern luxury apartments, single unit residential homes and every form of rental property.

Strategic Networking

The industry we are a part of is highly networked and integrated. It is because of this that we, value and treasure honest and strategic alliances with partners who a kindred spirit so that we can effectively achieve our goals as we endeavor to satisfy our clients. All this is informed by the fact that our clients have dynamic and fast evolving needs that require combined efforts and strategic synergies in order to fully meet them.

Customer -oriented

This is another core value that we hold to. We have a primary focus that deeply analyzes and understands the needs and wants of all our customers at a personal level. That is why we treat their every need uniquely because each and every one of them is unique and has unique needs. Our clients constitute the focus of our innovations and strategies.


Home Renovation Tips that Add Value to your Home

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Both major and minor home renovations can significantly contribute to boosting the value of your property. There are minor renovations which can considerably add value to your home. Nonetheless, it is important to prioritize the home renovations you undertake. There are certain low priority renovations that are costly and add very little value to your property.

The following are some of the essential home renovation tips that add significant value to your property.

Home Insulation

The value of home insulation cannot be emphasized enough. Potential home-buyers find homes without proper insulation unhealthy to live in. Therefore, proper home insulation is a necessity if you want to boost the value of your home. Home insulation also attracts a number of government subsidies.

Check out this video on insulating basement walls with rigid foam:

Adding a Deck

If space is available, then you can simply add a deck and significantly boost the value of your property. Potential home-buyers will certainly find the outdoor living space provided by adding a deck, entertaining.

Remodel the Kitchen

Potential home-buyers are particularly keen about the kitchen because they will spend a lot of time in them. Remodeling your kitchen to have more organized and modern can significantly boost the value of your home. Kitchen renovations can target countertops, drawer fronts, cabinets, floors, walls etc. For instance, splash-back glass has a clean modern look with a variety of colors that home-buyers will find attractive.

Bathroom Renovation

Most potential home-buyers are looking for modern bathroom styles, therefore an old bathroom will paint a bad picture to the rest of the house. Minor affordable renovations can help to update your bathroom. Replacing bathroom fixtures such as faucets, cabinet fronts and lighting can transform an old bathroom to a modern one. Don’t forget to get rid of stained grout. This can be a simple and cheap DIY project if you have the skills. On the other hand, you could hire professional home restoration contractors to modernize your bathroom.

Curb Appeal

They say first impression is everything, creating a curb appeal is the best way to welcome potential home-buyers. The first look the buyer will have of the house is what will stick to their memory. Creating a curb appeal will attract buyers to your doorstep. Ensure, first of all, that the lawns are well maintained and clean. Breathe some life to the front of the home by adding some plants. Paint the house entrance with a good color that is not too bold.

It takes careful planning to achieve perfect results when undertaking home renovations. There are lots of other ideas to boost the value of your home, but these are the most important ideas to get you started.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Managing Your Own Rental Property

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Property management presents many landlords with a challenging decision to take.The decision to manage your own houses or to 43hand them over to property managers has many advantages and disadvantages as well. All these factors combined can present a landlord with a dilemma-like situation.

To manage or to delegate, becomes a riddle that needs to be solved. This article therefore seeks to bring a clear presentation of these facts as they are so that you, the landlord, can now have a strong and informed basis as you decide either to relinquish or retain the daily management to your rental home.

The advantages of managing property yourself

  • Direct contact with your tenants

This aspect of maintaining direct contact with one’s tenants puts the landlord in the driver’s seat. You retain full charge of what goes on in your houses and you are able to personally respond to tenant issues faster because you value your customers. Moreover, this provides the landlord with the opportunity to gain priceless experience in managing people especially from a customer-vendor platform.

  • Protection against dishonest and incompetent managers

They say that every market has its own mad man. The estate management field also has its own share of quacks who are floppy and dishonest in their dealings. It is not strange to find landlords who are stressed by incompetent agents and managers who cannot attend to their tenants’ issues properly. Moreover, some of them can be deceitful and if not followed properly, they can end up screwing you. This is one of the reasons why some landlords decide to do the “donkey work” of directly managing their own homes.

  • Profit maximization

This is another advantage of managing your home by yourself. Yes, it is true that there is some cost of running any business but it will not come to the same figures that a manager will ask for.

  • Undivided attention

It is not strange to find that some managers also own their own rental homes and property. So let us say that your home if vacant and the manager’s own rental home is also vacant at the same time. Do you think that the guy will be very zealous working to get your home occupied before his own? The guess you have is as good as mine. The guy will make sure that his own house is filled first, then yours later. It you were the one managing the home yourself, you will not sit waiting for someone else to get it occupied you will do the job yourself knowing that you are the one charged with the job. This means that you will avoid issues of conflict of interest with your estate manager.

The disadvantages of managing your own rental property

  • Time consuming

If you are a busy person, and you have a whole estate with over 100 tenants, how do you devote enough time to attend to their needs and issues? This is not to mention the stressful issues of negligent and rent defaulting tenants. With a manager, you have a person who is fully committed to that task. You will enjoy peace of mind as you pursue other core activities of your life. You will not need to waste your time trying to engage in tenant eviction matters because a paid professional takes care of that.

Another issue that will consume your time is trying to run around looking for tenants to fill vacant houses. Where do you start, in the first place? Professional managers have all the time and knack for all these hassles. This is because managers have strong networks among themselves and they only need to make a phone call to a colleague and get a tenant faster and easier than an average landlord.

  • Legal issues

realtor professional presentation business background

Managers are professionals and they operate in a legally controlled environment. Notably, the laws that govern tenants and landlords keep on changing, and hence anyone who is directly involved with them needs to be on the fast lane in order to keep abreast with them. As a landlord who is busy doing other things, for instance, treating patients you don’t have time to regularly dig into tenant-landlord laws. As a doctor, you are on the run trying to catch up with the latest developments in your core field while an estate manager is on the run trying to catch up with those developments affecting his career. This means that the agent is more updated I such issues than you are and hence they are least likely to accidentally fall on the wrong side of the law.

  • Screening of tenants

This is another area that you may possibly end up erring. Managers have handle thousands of tenants at a personal level and they have a better leverage of doing it than you do. They can save you the possibility of landing the wrong tenant who may land you into a future of unnecessary hassles and even legal battles. This is because the screening process is subject to legal parameters that determine which kind of questions that you can ask a potential tenant. It is possible to accidentally ask a tenant a question that is legally considered discriminatory and land yourself in trouble with the law. On the contrary, professional managers are well versed with such legal issues because that is what they do on a daily basis.

  • Disruptive emergencies

Tenant emergencies are common everywhere. When they do arise, the first person the tenants will call is you. You can imagine what this could mean if you are that kind of a person who does not like to be “disturbed” by such cases. For a manager, that is part of their job and they are paid to do that job so that tenants don’t drag you into such situations.

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This is What Effective Cleaning Services Will Do for You

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home-maintenanceCleanliness is one of the best and proven hygienic practices that you can engage in your home. It does not just have health-related benefits and consequences, but also it has and adds esthetic value to your home. However, the quest and need for proper and thorough cleaning at home can be done in many ways. One of those ways is to delegate the whole process to professional cleaners.

This article therefore endeavors to bring to your attention all the benefits that professional cleaning services will do for your home. Read on as we take a step-by-step journey through these benefits.

Trained and experienced staff

A professional maid company will have trained workers who have many years of hands-on experience. This means that you can get better quality of cleaning output from their service. All this mixed with expertise ensures that you don’t get a raw deal as you engage their cleaning services. Additionally, professional cleaners pay due attention to minute details of cleaning. These men and women know how to apply and mix cleaning reagents and chemicals in the right proportions so that nothing is spoiled during or after the cleaning process.

More time to focus on your other issues

Another great thing that effective cleaning services will do for your home is that you will have some precious extra time on your hands to do other things. Professional home cleaning saves the hassles of broken focus and a bloated to-do list. This leaves you working in a manner that is more convenient and relaxed.

You get to enjoy customized services

Since you are dealing with professionals, you have the privilege of spelling out your individual specifications before the job commences. The service provider will then develop a customized work plan and design that will meet your unique cleaning needs.


 A professional touch

Nobody wants to have a bunch of unethical and uncouth fellows moving around in their homes. We all expect professionally behaved and trained workmen who will not just clean the house, but also will behave themselves appropriately in the process of cleaning. We expect that boundaries are going to be respected,and nothing will go missing in the house after their visit. When all these expectations are met, then we can say that professionals were around. That is exactly what you get when you hire a professional cleaning company.

A clean and conducive environment

Spring-Home-Maintenance1After the house is clean so what? It is not just enough to clean the house alone. The environment too has to be factored. A professional cleaning company has all these factors in mind and hence after the cleaning, you can enjoy peace of mind that you will continue to live in a clean and healthy environment.

Professional cleaners know how to dispose of the chemicals and cleaning materials that remain after the cleaning. This means that your environment will not be degraded by careless disposal of cleaning agents. At last, you have a conducive, safe and clean environment to work in. This translates into having a healthy environment around your clean house and obviously a clean and healthy environment will mean a happy home for you and your family.

An ever sparkling and clean home

Cleanliness is the primary reason of cleaning every home and hence when a cleaning company and service provider works on your home, you expect it to be sparkling clean. A clean home is the pride and joy of every family because it reflects highly on their image as well as making sure that the family does not contract diseases that are associated with dirty environments.

A better image

A dirty home and house reflects the spirit and mental frame of its inhabitants. This means that clean house will have a direct impact on your image as a person and family. When a professional lands on the site and thoroughly cleans your home, you get a positive image as you walk around in the neighborhood and when your family and friends come visiting your home.



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How to Prepare Your Property for Renting

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SanDiegoRentalMarketThe very thought of being a landlord and collecting rent come with a whole load of excitement and expectations. These expectations range from quick riches and being in charge make many prospective landlords ride on a cloud that borders a phantom. However, whether you are a new landlord or an existing landlord, there are common things that every landlord needs to know and put in place as part of the preparation for renting. With simple and little preparations here and there, you can enhance the rental value of your property.

But how do I prepare my home for renting? What are the things that I should do to ensure that my property is in the best condition to attract optimal rent? These questions are the reason why this post is being drafted. Keep on reading to find answers to these questions and much more.

Home inspection

This is an important place to start from. A thorough inspection will give you a clear picture of the correct condition that your house is in. This means that you will be in a better position to notice all the major issues and conditions that require your attention in terms of repairs and renovations and take the necessary steps needed in terms of planning and budgeting. You can take note of all the leaking roofs and faucets, broken electrical connections, spoilt bulbs and other issues.

Address safety issues urgently

All tenants have not just a right to live in a safe home, but they also have a natural desire to live in a home that makes them feel that they are really safe. Make sure that all the security apparatus is in proper working condition both inside and around the house. For instance, if you have surveillance cameras you need to ensure that they are functioning properly. Inside the house, ensure that the kitchen place is equipped with a functional fire fighting gear.

Pest control

If it happens that your rental house has been occupied by a tenant who used to keep pets such as dogs or cats, it is advisable that you treat the home for fleas before the next tenant moves in.

Thorough cleaning

Cleanliness is said to be next to godliness. A clean house is also next to any serious tenant. There is no serious potential tenant who would like to come into a dirty house that looks desolate and forsaken. Make sure that you do thorough cleaning inside and around the house to ensure that your tenant lives in a clean and hygienic environment. Additionally, ensure that the floor and the windows are sparkling clean and also do some repainting to enhance the appearance of the walls.

Clear with your insurer and mortgage

If you live in a house that is under mortgage and you need to rent it out, you have to notify them in advance. This is because mortgage companies have legal rights to the house in order to protect their security interests. In regard to insurance you need to notify them so that your insurance cover can be changed from home owner to a landlord property insurance policy in order to indemnify you against tenant negligence and other natural damages.

Set the going market rate

3344771391_02b74ac075_zAs your property gets ready for renting, you need to establish the market rate of the area. Consider what it will cost you to manage the property per month in line with the expected monthly income from the property. This will help you in making the decision to hand over the home to property managers.

Consider furnishings and other appliances

It is a common practice for landlords to rent out their homes with furnishing and other appliances. If you happened to have rented out your property with such facilities, it is important that you ensure that all of them are in proper working condition and clean so that the incoming tenant will find them in their best condition. You also need to rent out appliances that do not require regular repairs and maintenance so that you don’t end up spending too much on repairs and maintenance.

Waste bins

In matters concerning hygiene, make sure that the home you are about to rent has proper waste bins for tenant use. This is a mandatory requirement that will include a green waste bin, a recycling bin and a general waste bin. This is a necessary hygiene measure that will ensure that your tenant lives in a hygienic environment.

Consider property management issues

This is a key factor to take into account before renting out the property. You need to determine who will be in charge of the daily affairs of the property. If you would like to manage it yourself, go on and prepare a lease agreement with your tenant. If you want to delegate the responsibility of managing the property, then entrust it to a competent property manager. If you elect to go the estate management way, then you need to negotiate the commission rates with the agent, which range between 4% and 12% of the rent paid.

Tenant screening

After landing a potential tenant, take them through the routine that all tenants go through. They will have to fill an application form with all the relevant details such as full names, employer, references and previous landlords. Additionally, it is important to check out if they have any criminal record and also ascertain their credit standing. This process will save you possible hassles and even legal battles in the future should it turn out that the tenant has a criminal record or a poor credit standing and they are rent defaulters.

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