About Us

Something Ain’t Right   has its firm place and hold among the most stable real estate companies in this region. We strongly believe that our designated role to play in the real estate industry has an immense potential of bringing about the much desired and long awaited revolution that the industry deserves. We may not have the too obvious “me too, am around….” kind of approach to things, but through steady and consistent growth and innovation, we are making strides in the right direction as each day passes by.

Our commitment to value-adding services is something that transcends the rat race of striving and pretending to be what every Tom, Dick and Harry in town claims to be, and  that is , “the best” .  On the contrary, we do offer our best at every given moment in time as we continue to innovate and grow so that we can serve you better because our best constitutes in us satisfying our best and most important partner in business and that is you-our customer.

So who are we and what really sets us apart as a company? What defines and motivates our engagements? The answers are clear in the following paragraphs.

Our mission:

To be a distinguished contributor in the shaping of the real estate industry by offering competitive real estate solutions and services that work for the satisfaction of the customer.

Our vision:

To be a choice and sought-after player who offers customer-focused services in all the areas we operate in.

At Something Ain’t Right, we do this:

As we started, we said that we are not a part of the too obvious rat race that is rife in the market place. We are out to point out that there is something amiss out there in the field and our mission is supposed to straighten that thing. Our dedication is to deliver customer-focused services that are marked by higher standards of professional ethics and innovation. This is what we stand for and that remains our commitment to all our customers. To have a clear picture of how we achieve all this, go on to the next section that outlines the scope of our activities in the real estate industry.

  • Estate management

Something Ain’t Right engages in professional estate management of every kind of residential property in every region we do business in. We are endowed with a deep mine of experience and expertise in dealing with every kind of tenant and landlord matters and issues. The scope of our engagement scope covers conventional and super modern luxury apartments, single unit residential homes and every form of rental property.

  • Commercial property management

We also deal in the management of commercial property within and around the Central Business District of your city, Something Ain’t Right is an established and proven managing agent in change of properties all over the business district and its environs.

  • Selling and buying of commercial property

In case you own commercial buildings you want to sell in and around the city near you, you have surely gotten yourself just get a perfect partner that will sell them at the most competitive rates. So far, we have executed clean deals in this field and all we are well familiar with its landscape. Additionally, if you need to purchase commercial property in town or in its vicinity, you can trust us with that job; simply talk to us about us.

  • Selling and buying of residential property

Another field of service we are active in is the selling of residential property. If you have prime residential buildings for sale, you can never miss the mark with Something Ain’t Right. Likewise, if you need to acquire residential property in and around town, we will get you the best that you deserve from our rich listing options. In addition, our sphere is wide, meaning that you have a choice to make from single residential units, down to apartments and all the way to luxury estates. You are assured of always getting the best you desire to own.

  • Consultancy

We have been around long and accurately enough to do what is expected of us and hence you can always count on our wise counsel. We have acquired a rich mine of expertise and experience that can guide you through the deep and high waters of the real estate world. Likewise, our staff is thoroughly trained to handle any kind of seller, tenant and buyer-related needs and matters. Whenever you need to make consultations on any investment matters or market trends, we’ve got our antennas raised high so as to offer you all the necessary market intelligence that you require in order to take sound decisions.

This is how we do it at Something Ain’t Right

The value system and the professional ethics that we dearly cherish and cling to define and inspire our operations. We value the way we do things in as much as we do why we do them. The list below outlines and expounds our treasured values that guide and motivate our dealings and activities in the field.

  • Integrity and Trust

At Something Ain’t Right, we know too well that we do business in an industry that is dependent on  high levels of trust. Moreover, we know  the real estate industry is also infiltrated by a few bad boys whose misconduct has  negative implications the ability of treasured clients to trust us. This is further compounded by the fact that we are operating in a generational dispensation that likes all manner of easy and cheap short cuts.However, in the midst of all this, we have resolved to do it right.

As a company, we share the belief that Trust is vital and indispensable in every dealing and relations between people and integrity is the only proven price that can earn and pay for trust. That is why our resolve to do the right thing is not motivated by the consequences of dishonesty, but rather our firm commitment to get and do it right. Integrity therefore forms and informs every other value that we believe in.

  • Strategic networking

The industry we are a part of is highly networked and integrated. It is because of this that we, value and treasure honest and strategic alliances with partners who a kindred spirit so that we can effectively achieve our goals as we endeavor to satisfy our clients. All this is informed by the fact that our clients have dynamic and fast evolving needs that require combined efforts and strategic synergies in order to fully meet them.

  • Customer -oriented

This is another core value that we hold to. We have a primary focus that deeply analyzes and understands the needs and wants of all our customers at a personal level. That is why we treat their every need uniquely because each and every one of them is unique and has unique needs. Our clients constitute the focus of our innovations and strategies.

  • Technology and innovation

We innovate and move in tandem with the fast changing trends that are changing and shaping the needs of our clients. At Something Aint’t Right, we are cognizant of the fact that the market is a harsh and very unforgiving teacher for every paler who does not take deliberate steps to progressively change in order to cope with the ever changing needs and trends of customers. It is because of this that we have chosen to play it safe by embracing and investing in the latest technology as well as  initiating in-house innovation so that we can make the most of the opportunities that the market offers us.

  • Team spirit

We believe in team spirit. Our staff works as a seamless cloak that is woven with the same fabric as we pursue the realization of our goals and mission. We don’t just  sing the same song; we also sing the same stanza at every given moment in time.

  • Professionalism

We are professional realtors, and we can’t explain it further than that. That is why we are committed to do everything with strict adherence to professional standards and ethics that are expected from any responsible player in the industry.

  • Excellence

At Something Ain’t Right, our activities are an embodiment of a sacred war against the chains and limitations of mediocrity. Everything that we do is tempered and savored with excellence. Our every process and activity are performed in such a manner that ensures the highest standards of the industry are met and adhered to.