Knocking Down Walls for Open Living Spaces

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Bringing down a wall to open up a room can transform your home making it more spacious and vibrant. However, it can end up being a renovation disaster if not handled correctly.

The open plan living is every renovators dream because of the free-flowing style as opposed to the old cramped kitchen and dining rooms that look gloomy and small.

kitchen wall knock down

The process of knocking down a wall to open up living spaces must be done following specific procedures. It is best to allow the professionals handle any wall demolition, particularly if the wall is load bearing.

These are the procedures to be followed when knocking down a wall:

First obtain a plan of your house from the local authorities to clearly understand the structural history of your home.

Find a licensed contractor to determine if the wall is load bearing. An experienced contractor should be able to carry out the wall demolition project if the wall is not load bearing and it does not involve any electrical work. However should the wall be load bearing then the contractor must work closely with a reputable structural engineer.

According to  a thorough inspection of the housing plans must be carried out by the structural engineer to determine the correct method of demolishing the load bearing wall without affecting the structural integrity of the house. There are several techniques employed by structural engineers to maintain structural integrity.

Electrical Works

If the wall has any electrical plugs it means that there is a chance of striking electrical cabling in the process of demolition. A qualified electrician must be consulted prior to starting the wall demolition.

Adjacent Neighbors

For those who live in an apartment and share walls with adjacent neighbors knocking down a load-bearing wall must be done with in consultation with the property management. The reinforcement techniques could involve excavation into adjacent structures making the whole process, even more, complicated or worse unachievable.

Ceiling and Floor

The wall demolition could also affect the appearance and structural characteristics of the ceiling and floor.

Building Certifier

A building certifier will then be handed the exact plan of the proposed renovation by the structural engineer. The accredited building certifier will ascertain that the renovation plan provided by the structural engineer fully complies with regulations and standards. He or she will also point out any inadequacies of the renovation plan.

All the mandatory development approvals and permits for the renovation must be obtained before the building certifier can approve the proposed renovation application.

After approval by the building certifier for full compliance, the plan must be presented and archived by the local authorities/ regulatory body.

The wall demolition can now commence. Knocking down walls is a great way to draw in more natural light into a room. The open space creates an airy and relaxed feeling for most families.

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